The Unstoppable Stylist's Holiday Promotion Handbook


For $17, you'll discover...

In Salon/Spa promotions you can use

You're looking for promotions that help you boost revenue and increase your sales through the holiday season and beyond? Look no further. Check out the 5 amazing promotions that can give you that extra boost you need in your business.

A Bonus Tip to Set you apart this holiday season

This is something that puts you top of mind in your clients lives and gives them reason to come into your salon to buy product, participate in promotions and book more services with you!

Templates for your holiday promotions

I'm sharing Canva templates that you can use to save time and customize them for your holiday promotional needs!

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Reminding myself of the reason I started my business has helped me through lockdowns and hard times.

I love providing services for my clients and offering them solutions to their hair problems with products. Knowing who I am and who I want to serve has helped me keep my business profitable through lockdowns and slow times.

I'm a 6-figure independent hairstylist, aesthetician, salon/spa/motel owner, educator and coach. I am obsessed with teaching other beauty entrepreneurs how to grow independent wealth and find true happiness in their business and life through strategic methodology, powerful messaging and an unstoppable mindset. I hope you enjoy this handbook, and that it gives you great ideas for your holiday promotions!

With this handbook, you'll learn...

What kinds of promotions you want to host in your salon this year, and how to set them up in a way that saves you time and stress! You'll be generating revenue from these promotions in no time!This is your chance to finally be ready for the 

Holiday Rush and cash in on the season when everyone is ready to spend! 

How you can use this holiday season to stand out to your clients, and your community with bonus tips! You've worked too hard all year long. You, your business and your customers deserve to end this year strong!

What you need to do to host successful holiday promotions in your salon or spa. You will feel clear on how to create an easy and efficient plan to sleigh your holiday promotion by building momentum and excitement around booking, retail and much more!

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